SMU SIDRA Survey Report 2020

Exhibit 4.1.2 Choice of Dispute Resolution Mechanism by Respondent User Profile International Commercial Arbitration International Commercial Litigation International Commercial Mediation Others (neutral evaluation, adjudication) Hybrid Dispute Resolution The chart refers to the respondents’ choice of dispute resolution mechanism, distributed among Legal Users and Client Users. Note: This question allows for multiple responses. The sum of the percentages may exceed 100% 87% 52% 58% 33% 30% 23% 23% 28% 14% 27% Legal Users Client Users 4.1.2 International commercial arbitration was more popular among Legal Users as 87% of them selected arbitration as the dispute resolution mechanism of choice. In contrast, only 52% of Client Users selected arbitration as their dispute resolution mechanism of choice. 2020 FINAL REPORT 6