SMU SIDRA Survey Report 2020

Choice of Mediation Venues Factors Influencing Choice of Mediation Institution Exhibit 7.2.3 Exhibit 7.2.4 The chart refers to the respondents’ usage of Mediation Venues. All Users Maxwell Chambers Singapore ICC - Paris - International Chamber of Commerce’ Hearing Centre Facilities HKIAC - Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre Hearing Facilities SIDRC - Seoul International Dispute Resolution Centre Others Companies’ offices Hotels Law firms’ offices 73% 45% 42% 36% 17% 12% 12% 4% 7.2.5 Most users (73%) selected law firms’ offices for mediation hearing venues, followed by Maxwell Chambers (45%), hotels (42%), and companies’ offices (36%). By comparison, the majority of arbitration users (57%) selected Maxwell Chambers for arbitration hearings, which emphasizes the role of technological and administrative support in arbitration. 24 24 As indicated in the section on Respondent User Profile, most respondents were from Asia, and of those, most were from Singapore. The geographical base of respondents seems to be reflected in the institutional selection. All Users Efficiency Geographical proximity Size and expertise of panel and mediators Cost 83% 74% 72% 68% 65% 64% 44% Location of institution different from parties’ nationalities/place of incorporation Availability of information about panel Cultural familiarity of panel The chart refers to the respondents who indicated the considerations for selection were “Absolutely Crucial” and “Important” in their choice of Mediation Institution. SIDRA INTERNATIONAL DISPUTE RESOLUTION SURVEY 53