SMU SIDRA Survey Report 2020

Choice of Mediation Institutions Exhibit 7.2.6 The chart refers to the respondents’ usage of Mediation Institutions. All Users Others AAA-ICDR - American Arbitration Association and ICDR WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organisation Mediation CEDR - Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution HKMC - Hong Kong Mediation Centre Not applicable i.e. ad hoc ICC - Paris - International Chamber of Commerce SIMC - Singapore International Mediation Centre 65% 45% 26% 22% 18% 13% 12% 6% 7.2.9 The most commonly used institutions for all users were SIMC (65%) and ICC (45%), followed by CEDR (22%) and HKMC (18%). While Singapore generally ranks high in dispute resolution surveys, it is acknowledged that the respondent user profile of this survey would have had an impact on these findings. 26 7.2.8 69% of users were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘somewhat satisfied’ with efficiency of mediation institution, followed closely by cost (68%), size and expertise of panel and mediators (65%), and cultural familiarity of panel (64%). This corresponds closely to the factors influencing choice of institution, where users ranked efficiency (83%), cost (74%), size and expertise of panel and mediators (68%) and cultural familiarity (72%) as ‘absolutely crucial’ or ‘important’. This suggests overall satisfaction of users with their choice of mediation institutions, as factors ranked absolutely crucial or important were also rated satisfactorily by a majority of users (more than 60%). 26 he Respondent Profile (Section 3 of the Report) shows that most respondents were from Asia, and of those, most were from Singapore. SIDRA INTERNATIONAL DISPUTE RESOLUTION SURVEY 55