Accredited Mediators

Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) Level 1 Mediators

  • Christine Gan (Legal Specialist)
  • Neo Xuan Hao Edwin (Practice Legal Trainee)
  • Jace Suyung PARK (Registered Foreign Lawyer (Korean))
  • Albert Lim Chee Liang (Senior Vice President, Global Metals & Mining Group, Institutional Banking Group, DBS Bank)
  • Kandy King Chi CHAN (Head of Legal and Commercial, Rohde & Schwarz Asia Pte. Ltd.)
  • Li-Yong CHOO (LL.M., CPA Australia¬†)
  • Ann (Yi-An) Lai (Partner/Lawyer)
  • Rachel Hiyoung Son (Foreign Lawyer, Oon & Bazul LLP)
  • Christian Nolting (Executive Director)
  • Vinod K Shanmugam
  • Silas Siew
  • Jean Chua (Legal Manager for Asia, Aggreko)