Published on Sep 02, 2020

The Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy (SIDRA) is pleased to present a webinar on China and international adjudication, focusing on China's approach in its investor-state and inter-state disputes. Professor Chester Brown will speak on litigation and arbitration and Dr Mark McLaughlin on mediation and dispute resolution mechanisms under the Belt and Road Initiative, with Tan Xi'en…

PWC Publishes Second Thought-Piece on the SIDRA Survey

Published on Sep 01, 2020

PWC Singapore has published its second thought piece on the SIDRA Survey titled "Technological Advancements Reshaping Dispute Resolution".  The piece touches on eDiscovery, platforms for the conduct of virtual hearings, and analytics for appointment of key third parties, and can be found here.

Perspectives at SMU - Mediating to Smoothen Out International Commercial Disputes

Published on Aug 31, 2020

SIDRA Director Nadja Alexander speaks to the SMU Centre for Management Practice, which publishes Perspectives@SMU, on the Singapore Mediation Convention, SIDRA International Dispute Resolution Survey 2020, and mediating to smoothen out international commercial disputes. The full article can be found in the link here.

SIDRA's SIMI Level 1 Accredited Mediators (August 2020)

Published on Aug 31, 2020

The Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy (SIDRA) is pleased to present Vakhtang Giorgadze, LL.M., Nick Niederberger, Li-Yong Choo, Dennis Tan, and Neo Xuan Hao Edwin as accredited Level 1 mediators at the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI), after completing their course at the SMU School of Law and the relevant accreditation process at SIDRA. Congratulations to all…

Applications for SIDRA International Visiting Professor

Published on Aug 27, 2020

The Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy (SIDRA), a research centre under the SMU School of Law, invites distinguished scholars to apply for the SIDRA International Visiting Professor position beginning in August 2021, for a period for one month. This visiting professorship provides a unique opportunity for international scholars to develop academic networks and explore legal issues…

SIDRA Webinar: Singapore Convention on Mediation and Investor-State Disputes – Prospects, Application and Enforcement

Published on Aug 19, 2020

SIDRA is pleased to hold a webinar on the Singapore Convention on Mediation and investor-state disputes, which will focus on the prospects and application of mediation in investor-state disputes, and the enforcement of such international mediated settlement agreements. This webinar will be held on 12 September 2020, which is also the day the Singapore Convention on Mediation comes into force.  We…